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Digital SAT Coaching

What on earth is the Digital SAT?

The College Board is phasing out pen-and-paper SAT tests and is introducing a digital version known as the Digital SAT Suite. The new SAT has been upgraded to be more relevant in today’s digital world and will continue to evaluate your knowledge and skill and measure your readiness for college. 

What has changed?


Overall format

  • The testing time will be 2 hours 14 minutes instead of 3 hours

  • You will receive your scores in a matter of days, rather than waiting for weeks

  • The modules have been structured so that you have more time to answer each question

  • Testing will be more secure, giving each student unique test forms, making it difficult to share answers


The Verbal Section

  • The Verbal section has become a single Reading and Writing section broken into two timed modules

  • Passages will be shorter, exposing students to a wider range of topics they will potentially read in college

  • A single question is asked with each passage (or passage pair) instead of multiple questions associated with a smaller number of long passages

  • Questions that test similar skills and knowledge are grouped together and arranged from easiest to hardest

The digital testing application will include new test tools for students. For example:

  • Mark for review: Flag and return to any question within a given test module

  • Testing timer: A clock counts down the time remaining in each module.

  • Calculator: A built-in graphing calculator is available in the entire Math section.

  • Reference sheet: In the Math section, students have access to common formulas.

  • Annotation: Students can highlight any part of a question and leave themselves a note


What has stayed the same?

  • The new test will be scored on the same score scale as the paper and pencil tests.

  • The subject matter and expectations of each section will remain the same i.e. reading and writing passages across a range of topics and levels of text complexity

  • An emphasis on high-utility words and phrases in context

  • A focus on demonstrating command of the core conventions of Standard English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation.



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