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SAT Tutoring

The Scholastic Assessment Test is a globally recognized test used to select prospective candidates for undergraduate admissions to colleges in the United States and other countries abroad. It is generally taken in the 11th or 12th grade.

What are the main topics covered in the digital SAT?

The SAT has three sections:


  • Reading and Writing (64 minutes)
    This part includes reading comprehension and grammar, sentence completion, identifying errors and correcting grammar usage.

  • Mathematics (70 minutes)
    The mathematics portion tests students on basic arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

The Digital SAT has been created with a two-stage adaptive design.


Each section is divided into 2 modules with a ten-minute break between the Verbal and Math sections. The first module of each section poses questions with a range of difficulties. Based on your performance, the questions in the second module will either be more or less difficult. Each Verbal module has 25 operational and 2 pretest questions.

What is a pretest question?

These questions do not count towards your final score but provide useful information on the quality and relative difficulty of the questions.


How is the new SAT scored?

Each section of the SAT is scored on a 200-400 point scale, for a possible maximum total score of 1600. 

How many times should you take the SAT?

At least half of all students take the SAT twice, and most students do see an improvement in their scores the second time they take the test. However, students should be cautioned against taking the SAT too many times, since there is no evidence that taking the SAT multiple times significantly changes your score. Instead, students should focus their time on other important components of their college application and on doing well at school.



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SAT Services


I offer a 30-hour intensive course tailored to your specific needs. The course is dedicated to teaching you concepts and techniques and making sure you can grasp them perfectly., You will perfect these techniques by going through the vast collection of interactive exercises and SAT practice papers that I have painstakingly put together.


This is a crash course of three weeks aimed towards students who either wish to improve their score or re-examine the strategies required to ace the verbal section. The crash course generally follows the same structure of the 30-hour course, but condensed into a shorter time frame. It can be taught online or in person.


I help students gain access to all the preparatory materials they require before taking the SAT. From my own practice questions, to mock tests, SAT books, and more - I ensure that every student I teach has had the chance to review a wide range of material before attempting the exam.


If you have a learning disability I will customise the course for you. I will also help and guide you through the SSD process, which can be very confusing for parents and children.

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