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Amy is the best.

Anant Mukesh Ambani

Amy's classes helped me improve my ACT score from a 31 to a 35. Her experience and expertise as an English teacher are remarkable. She taught me how to comprehend the passages better and how to tackle the reading questions analytically in the reading section. She also taught me how to contextualise each question in the grammar section. I would recommend Amy's classes to anyone giving standardized tests. 

Avanti Singh

You want Amy Madon! She gives you test-taking strategies and insights into your performance--critical tools for standardized tests. Additionally, she understands the stress associated with these tests, and therefore, knows when and how to motivate you to achieve *your* goal. The first time I went to Amy Madon, she helped me improve my English SAT score by 200 points. I was so happy with the results that I went back to her for the GRE test.

Neville Dadina

I have known Amy for a long time, she is a fantastic teacher and I would strongly recommend her for the GMAT, GRE and SAT. I went to her for GMAT lessons and was able to secure a very high score in the verbal section in a short period of time. The best thing about Amy is her ability to adapt her teaching style to your level and the tips / methodology she recommends is tailored to your skill, learning style, familiarity with the language. As someone who speaks and writes well in English, I found myself struggling to remember some of the tedious GMAT specific rules, and the added time pressure certainly did not help. Amy was able to breakdown the most complex rules and problems into something that I could comprehend quickly. She is always available and willing to dedicate time to helping her students learn. She always explains the “why” behind a solution and does not use a cookie-cutter approach with any of her students. Lastly, she is a super cool teacher who makes preparing for these exams a lot less stressful. So, do yourself a favour and make sure you get Amy as your tutor!

Behram Mody

I initially struggled a lot to improve my SAT English test score but with Ms Madon’s help and encouragement I was not only able to up my score by 100 points but also started liking a subject I initially hated. She is able to gauge each student’s weakness and helps you work on them. Her detailed discussion of mistakes after each practice paper and tips to answer the different types of questions on the SAT proved to be extremely helpful in significantly improving my score-thank you Ms Madon!

Sana Chawla

I went to Miss Amy unsure if I wanted to do the ACT or the SAT. She familiarized me with them both and eventually we decided ACT was the one for me. We practiced almost every day in the summer and eventually in October I attempted the ACT for the first time and scored a 34. Miss Amy taught me grammar rules from basics and discussed every single error I made in detail with me. Coming to miss Amy I had the worst grammar and was oblivious to the rules, but with her help I was able to score 35 and 34, in the writing and reading section respectively. Moreover, her help also made my overall writing better, which really helped me with essays in the IB.

Miss Amy taught me how to work smart and understand my limits. If she saw I was making several mistakes she would ask me to stop, go home, and come back with a fresh mind the following day. Personally, this technique worked for me and I was able to do the maximum practice tests in a good frame of mind. Miss Amy also had several resources and practice tests available to take home for extra practice. Miss Amy’s teaching style, resources and patient demeanour enabled me to succeed in my first try.

Ananyaa Mehra

A very kind and patient teacher, with a comprehensive understanding of the way standardised tests work. I was very happy with my GMAT result. Would highly recommend her as a tutor!

Rhea Tibrewala

When I looked at the GMAT Verbal, I did not know how to tackle it. Thankfully, Amy came to my rescue and showed me how to do it right. And it was the section I did the best in during the exam. She was patient, and kind and taught me so well so that I still remember her teachings to this day. She is amazing at what she does and is the calmest teacher I have ever had.

Alisha Tibrewala

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